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Novofil Spa distinguishes itself today for its focus on eco-sustainability when it comes to the production of welding consumables. Through the adoption of innovative and sustainable production processes, It is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its own operations. The use of renewable energy sources and the reduction of CO2 emissions are at the core of the company’s philosophy.

Other than ensuring the quality of products, It also carefully select suppliers, specifically based on the sustainability of their production processes and their use of renewable energy sources.

This is the direction chosen long ago, especially in the selection of its raw material suppliers. Thanks to great encouragement and their sensitivity to environmental issues, they have obtained significant certifications recognizing their attention to all environmental issues and, above all, the certification of an innovative and eco-sustainable production process, resulting in a significant reduction in CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, leading to the attainment of a “Green Steel Certificate”.

 Novofil Spa will increasingly commit to using this type of raw material, but not only this; in the future, selecting suppliers based on their carbon footprint and the eco-sustainability of their production processes will become even more important.

 It is well known that the path to a greener future requires time and constant effort. For this reason, Novofil has set the ambitious goal of contributing to a 35% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030, that will result in effective contribution to the fight against climate change and the creation of a more sustainable economy for future generations.