Novofil T1

Er 100 S-G/T1 S, Er 100 S-G/T1 Basic, Er 100 S-G, Er 120 S-G, Er 100 S-S1



Mild steel low alloyed Ni-Cr-Mo welding wire used for welding under protective gases.

Preferred gas mix is Ar /CO2 , but can even be used with pure CO2 gas.

It’ s used for single and multipass welds for low alloyed steels with high resistivity having yield strength over 650 N/mm2 and tensile strength up to 850 N/mm such as T1, T1A, T1B, N.A.XTRA 65- 70,WELDOX 700, HY 80, HY90, BH 65-70, S690 Q (EN 10132-2) and similar.
Also valid for welds at low temperature.

Fields of use are the Chemical and Oil heavy industry, manufacturing of industrial machines, heavy carpentry, off-shore industry etc.